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GoKids Youth Sports ™ Certification Course

Energy Volleyball Club  and GoKids Youth Sports™ team-up for this years Certification Course, directed by Founder Ruth N. Nelson along with Certified GKYS™ Skills Trainers Mary Soapes and Valerie Armstrong 

You MUST complete all the steps to be accepted as space is limited to only 16  

Court & Discussion Training:

4 –hours of courtside discussion with on-court training with athletes ages 7  and under (Level 1) and 8 and up (Level 2) .  Progressions for passing, serving, attacking and setting will be covered as well as mixing age group when conducting drills that reinforce the skill development. Key words for each of these skills will be presented along with an 8-week training plan for each Level 1.  Having access to video clips from both courses that relate to all the skills and movement patterns needed to have FUN when learning the sport of volleyball.

More information on how to be the first 16 to become Certified as GKYS™ Skills Trainer, click here

You have always wanted to teach and train ages 7 and under and 8 and up …now you have a chance to be trained by an expert in the sport of volleyball.  At the same time you will receive a certification as a GoKids Youth Sports™ (GKYS™) Skills Trainer.


GKYS™ is Nelson's most recent program to be launched this year. Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. Provide training and certification of parents, elementary school teachers, recreational and youth club coaches.
  2. Provide sports skills training, clinics, and camps for kids and youth ages 7 and under (Level 1) and ages 8 and up (Level 2).

There are many opportunities to compete, but there are fewer opportunities for kids to receive training in the physical elements of performance and the fundamental skills of volleyball. Both are necessary for kids to be able to participate in an organized event and enjoy the game.

Currently, kids are being exposed to sports at an earlier age – more than ever before. They are being guided to specialize in a position within a sport; furthermore, they are expected to select one sport at an earlier age. “Kids need to be kids” with the opportunity to play multiple sports and/or activities at this age in order to maximize their development  (socially, physically, intellectually, mentally, emotionally and psychologically). It may also avoid the chance for major injuries.

If kids are allowed to play multiple sports and all positions within those sports, they have a better understanding of the game and a better opportunity to develop their love and passion for the sport. Being a one-dimensional player limits their knowledge and experiences.